A canvas, a brush, an endless journey of discovery.


About me

My name is Gitta Brocatus and I'm from Belgium.

During our years in Uganda and the contact with local artists, the desire to learn to paint blossomed in me. When we returned home years later, my husband encouraged me to try it.
Initially I painted abstract but soon I started painting flowers. I love to paint something that makes people happy. I learned so much through YouTube by watching other artists who share their knowledge so generously.
I attended a workshop in Berlin and since October 2017 I can call myself a Jenkins Certified Floral Art Instructor (J-CAT).
I also took an online landscape painting course.
However, I like variety and I also like to challenge myself to new topics and new techniques. It's always an exciting adventure, an opportunity to endlessly discover and meet people worldwide.

If you have any questions or comments or would like to buy one of my works, please let me know. I also paint on commission and you are always welcome in my studio.



Gitta Brocatus

Sparrenhofstraat 145b, 9100 Sint-Niklaas


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