What am I working at this moment?


This painting has been on my easel for a while. It is thus far from a tutorial by Michael James Smith. But from here on it will be my own interpretation because of what Michael went through, I don't have the rest of the workshop. Can I do it? We'll see.

I thought it would become an abstract painting with this background, but the story unfolds in a different direction. The first layer in oil is done. I am now working on the mosaic of the fins. Is that what you call them with a sea turtle or are they legs?


Sea Turtle




Inki Mandt is a renowned wildlife photographer who has captured a unique collection of desert lions, elephants, black rhinoceroses and other desert animals for the past 25 years.
Inki and her husband, Izak, are active lobbyists and campaigners for the conservation of all animals. She is the founder of DeLHRA (Desert Lion Human Relations Aid).
The foundation's goal is to help farmers protect their livestock by building corals and repaying their livestock if killed by lions. They also strive to provide lions with a collar so that they can track them to avoid them attacking livestock.

The boys I'm painting are XPL 98 and 99 (Gretzky), both descendants of Angela of the Huab pride. They settled as a sub-adults in the Ugab River as a coalition. Gretzky was shot by Namibian authorities and his brother died of Anthrax.

This painting in oil on canvas measuring 100 x 60 cm will be auctioned. It will be available from about mid-May, although we can accept bids for it NOW. The proceeds will help save the rest of the tribe.

Are you coming?


Also with this one the first  layer is acrylic paint and the next layers will be oil paint. It's a small painting and it is fun to paint such an idyllic scene.


Yellow magnolia

Despite the winter and the rainy , gray day, this brings me back to spring.